Cannot get into Windows 7 – black screen

Jan 13, 2017
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I had never had this problem. Please help

I cannot get past User Log-on in a laptop as I only get a black screen after I enter my password. I have checked the key that makes the screen black, it is not that.

Here is what happened before:

1- The Laptop crashed when using Chrome

2- I tried to log off and shut down with Windows but it never did. It could not go past ‘logging off’. I had to shut it down with the swtich.

3- I started the computer again and got to User Log on. It started logging on but the screen goes black. I can only access the Task manager with ctrl-alt-del but I cannot do anything with it.

This is what I have tried:

A- Get into Windows in Safe Mode but when I am there I do not know what to do.

B- I can see the desktop and icons logging into Safe Mode Windows but I cannot even connect to the Internet.

C- Trying to log on with normal Windows, I went into administrator (user) and I saw an error message:

‘Personalized settings not responding’, on a black screen

I cannot stop the task with Task manager.

So it looks like the laptop cannot load the personalized setting that give the desktop and icons so the screen is left black. I guess that is the reason why Task manager appears with ctr-alt-del as the keyboard commands still work.

D- If I try to shut down the computer, it will not go past logging- off again. I have to shut it down by switching it off.

Any help will be much appreciated.

New try: the computer has now gone into windows and the desktop and icons are starting to appear but windows is still struggling to load them. I is still says: not responding.
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