Windows 7 Will Not Run, Startup Repair Wont Finish/Find A Problem?! **HELP**

Mar 10, 2013
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So I will start from the beginning, I switched on my computer as normal just to do your everyday web browsing and then maybe go onto play some games etc... I turned on my computer which is linked to my hitachi 32" HD Tv via a HD cable. Sometimes the single does not come through and stays on a blue screen, and sometimes I just have to pull the HD Cable out and plug it back in that did not work or I just have to change the tv source and that did not work either so by the time iv done this normally my computer is on the login screen and i manually switch it off using the button on the actual computer and it comes up with the black screen saying 'Windows did not switch off correctly' with the options run windows normally etc... and I always run startup normally and never had any problems! But this time it does not work what ever option i click on the black screen it runs 'Startup Repair' The options are run windows normally or run windows with startup repair iv tried both and either one takes me to startup repair it does not say it cant find a problem but iv left startup repair running 3 times once for 7 hours the other 2 for 5 hour periods and nothing happens just stays on start up repair is there anything I can do without taking it to a computer repair shop!


This side of windows is the part I know basically nothing about!

-Lewiis :)


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May 10, 2010
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My suggestion would be that you install the W7 DVD and run start-up repair from there. If you do not have a W7 DVD then you can download and burn one from HERE (Note you may also need to download and install IMGBurn to burn the image properly). Be sure to get the version that matches what you have installed Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and also the right bit-size 32 or 64.

Does your computer have a DVD drive (many HTPCs don't)? If you do not have a DVD-Rom or do not have a blank DVD then you can use an empty 4GB (or larger) flash drive and you will need the USB/DVD Download tool to make the flash drive bootable.

Once you have burned a DVD or created a bootable flash drive then reboot your computer and in the BIOS make sure the DVD (or flash drive) is first in the boot order so that it is checked BEFORE the hard drive. Now go to the W7 Installation page and in the bottom corner should be an option for start-up repair.

Hopefully that will fix your problem. Let us know.

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