How to place an action button in windows task bar for a minimized running application

Mar 16, 2015
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Windows is an unknown platform for me. I need to place an action button in windows task bar, after minimizing the running application. I don't know what to search for my need.

Detail :

I have an application that will just connect to an another machine in a local network. This is done by python socket programming and creating a thread. Once connection is established, the program need to send one message by clicking a button. This button should not block other opened applications or windows(x). I have noticed the Windows media player once started and minimized, in the task bar it can play/pause and can do other actions.. If I can use the same functionality, it will be great to work my application. How can I achieve this..

I'm ready to use any programming language to achieve this. This might be simple thing in Windows OS and for its developers, for me is a grey area.

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