Windows 7 Update "Failure configuring windows updates"

Dec 14, 2020
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Hi all,

This is my first post and I really need some help if that's possible please :)?

I have not updated my windows 7 machine in around 4 years. I am trying to install updates to enable me to install game drivers.

I have managed to install about 8 windows updates successfully, but the rest fail and after reboot it says "failure configuring windows updates" and takes around 20 minutes to return to me to the login screen.

I have done extensice searching online and tried a few things: 1) going in a clean boot and trying to do the updates, 2) have tried using the windows update troubleshooter and it showed it worked except for "0x80004005" error ehich I think is the probem, 3) I have tried to delete "pending.xml" but it doesn't seem to exist there isn't one there, (I have looked in C:\Windows\winsxs), 4) I have also freed up some hard space so there is currently 28GB free so should be enough space to do the windows update).

I have initally only wanted to install kb4474419 and kb4490628 in order for me to be able to install the new nvidia drivers, and I thought I might as well update windows in full because I haven't in so long. I have managed to install kb4490628 ok, but the other one has not installed ok.

I have attached the CBS log I have genereated by doing "sfc /scannow" if it will help?

Thanks for any help and suggestions :)!!


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