Windows 7 Startup Repair - Discussion

Jun 6, 2010
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My problem is when I turn on laptop Sony VAIO VGN-AR350E with windows 7 it stuck after display logo of Sony VAIO and just shows cursor (--) at left corner of screen. Then I put Windows 7 DVD and repair it as you described above. Then windows perfectly run but I repeat same procedure daily.
I also observed 3rd screen snap short as you provided, where it says Operating system "Windows7" partition size: xxxxx and location: (D:) Local disk
This local disk should be C: instead of D: in my case because I installed windows 7 on C drive but in same windows I am seeing my windows local drive is D.

1. I want to fix this problem (I don't want to repair windows7 daily)
2. I guess, I got this problem after hibernating (I am not sure) this system because twice I am sure, I got it due to this reason or last time I used office excel 2007.

Can you guide me.
Thanks for support and help.


Quick Scotty, beam me up!
Oct 27, 2009
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I would recommend a wipe of the hard drive, the do a clean or "custom" install.

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