Windows 7 starter stuck on Startup Repair screen

Oct 26, 2011
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Hi guys,

I was using my netbook earlier today and stopped for a while. When I turned it on (It locks and sleeps after 20 mins) the screen took forever to come on and it wouldn't turn off when I pressed the power up/down button. So I took out the AC adapter and then the battery to switch it off. When I try to switch it on it starts up to he HP screen and windows starts to load but then goes to start up repair screen and then keeps checking for problems even though it says at the top that the computer was unable to start. I have taken the battery out several times as it refuses to power down when I press the button and then comes up to a screen which gives me the option to launch start up repair or start windows normally. Either way it still ends up at the Start up repair which checks for problems endlessly.

Someone please help!!!

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