Windows 7 sporadically cant't connect to Internet at startup

Oct 25, 2011
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I have the following configuration:
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on my notebook;
Windows XP Home and Windows XP Pro at other notebooks in my local net;

ADSL Internet and LAN are released with ZyXEL P-600 (modem+router);
We don't have Home Group, using file exchange through WD MyBookWorld

Computer with Windows XP Home from time to time connects to VPN through Internet.
When XP Home computer is turned off, I can start my Win 7 with no problems ever if other Win XP computers are working.
When XP Home computer is just turned on (NOT CONNECTED to VPN yet!) I already have one and the same problem: my Win 7 tells me that it has TWO different NETs (one my normal local Home and another unknown Public) both WITHOUT connection to Internet.

The only walkabout that helps me now:
Each time a go to Device Manager, make my Ethernet Adapter Unavailable then activate it again - and Internet magically appears back (ever if Win XP Home is already connected to VPN).
But IMHO this walkabout is not for an often use.

Can anyone tell me what I or owner of Win XP Home must change in our settings to fix this problem once and forever?

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