When and where can a Windows-7 OEM Liciense be used?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike Lynch, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Mike Lynch

    Mike Lynch

    Jan 31, 2010
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    Clearwater Florida
    Years back, I had had a Windows-XL PC.
    As time went by, I upgraded memory and the hard drive.
    When Windows-7 came along, I purchased an OEM copy and installed it on that PC.
    Things progressed and the PC became slower.
    I purchased a re-furbished PC off the Internet without an Operating System installed on it.
    I installed my OEM copy of Windows-7 on it and discarded the XL-PC.
    Two weeks ago, the Company where my wife works sold off some PC they did not need.
    Both are hardware wise two to three years old and both came with Windows-10 installed.
    I do not like nor know Windows-10 and decided to have the memory increased and a SSD installed in them.
    One had 4gb and the other 8gbs, both had 5400rpm Hard Drives with 8mb cache each.
    I took then to Best Buy and signed up for the Geek Squad to do the hardware upgrades.
    I also signed up for the Geek Squad to downgrade the PC's from Windows-10 to Windows-7.
    I explained how I was going to discard my older PC's and wanted these running under Windows-7.
    No problem they said!
    I dropped off the new PC's and the hardware was upgraded.
    I went to drop off the Envelopes with the COA on them and I was told they could not install the O/S.
    They said I need to have 'purchased' software, which I did.
    I purchased the copies of Windows-7 that I have from Trinity Software in Tampa Florida.
    They claimed that OEM Software is tied to the serial number of the mother board and cannot be transferred.
    I find this hard to believe.

    Can anyone confirm what I have been told?

    Microsoft never had a problem when I would call to have the Windows-7 installed activated.
    Mike Lynch, Sep 6, 2018
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  2. Mike Lynch

    TrainableMan ^ The World's First ^ Moderator

    May 10, 2010
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    PA, USA
    What they told you is correct. Officially an OEM license lives & dies with the first computer it is installed on, more specifically that motherboard, so legally you should never have even moved it to the refurbished computer you bought years ago.

    Only the Full version of Windows 7 is transferrable, not OEM, System Builder, nor Upgrade versions. The difference in price was about US$200 so very few people actually own the Full version.

    Opinion: Sure change is annoying, even frustrating, but if you have Win10 you will get used to the differences within a couple months. Some newer computers that come with Win10 may not even function completely under Win7 because they may have hardware for which Win7 drivers were never written. The risks and hassles of downgrading a computer that wasn't designed for use with Win7 just make it something I would never recommend.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
    TrainableMan, Sep 7, 2018
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