Windows 7 randomly hangs on install?

Feb 25, 2011
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The situation is as follows: I have an XP(pro, 32bit) version running on my computer (without any problems with hardware or software), and wanted to try out win7 before actually swithing to it. I need to change OS because 32bit won't let me see my 4 Gb RAM. Fortunately, Win7 support dual-boot. Got a key for win7pro(x64), downloaded an iso file, burned it on cd, checked the cd (it was fine), preperared a partition with Gparted, and finally started the install.
However, the install started to hang randomly, sometimes when files are being copied at the start, sometimes when setup is starting, sometimes at laguage choice screen. I've only got as far as step 1 - gathering information, on 4 or 5 tries. Since I higly doubt, that it will be able to finish install, it is time to ask for advice.

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