Windows 7 on a laptop with external monitors

Oct 7, 2009
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I have Windows 7 running on a laptop. However, I often use the laptop in an office where I have a dock and a dual-monitor setup. I have several sidebar tools loaded, that I use frequently. Is there a way to set up multiple hardware profiles on the system, so my desktop is arranged one way when docked, and another when it isn't?

Right now, when my system is running docked, I keep the sidebar over on the right-side monitor (monitor 2), and the taskbar on the left monitor (monitor 1). When I take the laptop out of the dock, the sidebar piles everything up on the laptop's monitor, and I have to rearrange all my tools so they are usable. Of course, having done that, the next time I dock, the right-side monitor is empty, and everything is crammed into the left monitor.


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