windows 7 lan driver for asus u6s

Jun 14, 2013
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Hi i have an asus u6s notebook that came with vista but I got someone to change it to Windows 7 was working fine all these days but suddenly thr seems to be a problem in the lan driver and i want to reinstall in once. But i cant find an ethernet/ lan driver for Windows 7 32 bit for this particular model. Can you please help me find this?

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May 10, 2010
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You would use the ASUS 32-bit Vista Driver ver V6.203.0214.200.

Since you say it was working fine in W7 until just recently, it is highly likely Windows Update installed what it thought was a more recent driver. You could try going to Control Panel > Device Manage and simply rollback the ethernet driver. If that doesn't work then uninstall the current driver and then install the 32-bit Vista driver.

If this issue was caused by Windows Update it is because you have "treat recommended updates the same a critical updates" because non-Microsoft drivers always show up as recommended. If that is what happened then you will need to disable that setting or the incorrect driver will be installed again.

Periodically you will want to run Windows Update manually to check over those recommended updates and you can choose to install the ones you want but for the ethernet/lan driver you will likely want to mark that as "hidden".

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