Blank screen, no icon on "starting windows"

Sep 16, 2010
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Hi guys. My post may be long but please kindly help......

My laptop is a HP TouchSmart tm2-2005tx,
the OS(Win 7) came with it and it ran smoothly since bought
And it all started yesterday. when I didn't notice there were updates,
and have to left Windows Update running "during the shut down period".

When I tried to boot my laptop today, it
1) loads without the glowing windows icon, which should be on top of "Starting Windows";
2) does not display the logon screen nor does the cursor shows;
3) does not react to any input; and
3) cannot boot in any mode other than "Startup repair" & HP QuickWeb that comes with my laptop

This is not really important but it looks like this
1) The monitor is "off" after the loading screen, it does not give out any light;
2) the HDD light is off; and
3) the power & wi-fi indicator (light) is on

I have viewed some articles on the issue and done the following steps:
1) Startup Repair --- says cannot repair automatically or something like that
2) chkdsk --- says there are nothing wrong, no bad sector or so
3) plugging and unplugging peripheral devices ---- does not help
4) bootrec /FixBoot & bootrec /FixMBR --- says "the action is completed" and nothing more
5) bootsect /nt60 ALL & bootsect /nt60 ALL /MBR --- says "sucessful"
6) tried to boot in VGA mode and end up with nothing
7) tried to boot in safe mode and chkdsk suddenly found & "repaired" some corrupt attributes & orphaned files & invalid security ID
8) tried booting in normal mode, safe mode and whatever mode I can select from the list, with none of them other than "Startup Repair" working
9) "Startup Repair" suddenly says the system drive is damaged while referring to D:\Windows as the directory, but the sys directory on my laptop should be located in C:
10) Another "Startup Repair" gives me cannot repair automatically

Am wondering if borrowing a win 7 CD could help me repair the system.......
Any suggestions?


Sep 16, 2010
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Thanks, don't know if language of OS matters but.....
I'll try and borrow a computer which allows me to run EXEs first

With HP QuickWeb and completely out-of-order OEM win 7,
I can do pretty much nothing.....

1) Another 2 Startup Repairs gave me the following results
nothing & damaged disk sector
2) found that there are 5 drives!
HP "default" should be C: & D:
all of a sudden there's
C: (SYS)
D: (Original C:)
X: (Boot)

Wondering if these counts for the "Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem"......

Will report after any new attempts that leads to new results

P.S.: System Restore Point does not work. error code 0x8007002
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