Windows 7 cannot recognize an image file outside of Pictures Directory

Jun 13, 2014
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I have found that, in Win 7 (but not in previous versions of Windows), if you copy a jpg from the Pictures directory to another directory, say Documents, Win 7 no longer shows the date taken but reverts to the date modified. It seems that it can't figure out that the file is photo once it's out of the Pictures directory! For example, here are four jpg files copied from the Pictures directory to a sim card (it works the same with any directory other than the Pictures directory.)




^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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Files are controlled by their extension, not their location. The file will open using the application associated to that file extension no matter where it is located. HOWEVER, the current fields/columns that are displayed in Windows Explorer are controlled by the Library Optimization setting, not by file type. All files in that library will use the optimize setting regardless of the file extensions it contains. There are 5 different optimization settings, one for each library type and one for General Items.

Any library type can display any fields you want so if you want to add different file dates to the columns being displayed by documents, simply right-click in the column headings and choose the extra columns you want shown; you can also drag columns around to any ordering you like.

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