Windows 7 Build 7000 x64 and 'usbport.sys' poll rate changing...

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Jan 11, 2009
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Greetz guys,

Well, like most of us, we're all quite excited about Windows 7. :)

But before I can venture into using Windows 7 x64 there is something that is needed. Is there anyone who is able to Hex edit the usbport.sys,

that comes with Windows 7 build 7000 x64, and change it's polling rate value from 125Hz to 1000Hz? All the patching techniques that i've

encountered do not work.

They're based of Vista x64 techniques. The symptoms i've encountered are the same as I had with Vista x64 (the usbport.sys file changed by a

"patcher" would result in the mouse cursor stuck at boot) However, someone had Hex edited the usbport.sys and all that was required was a digital

certificate (which is not a problem to manage)....the already-edited usbport.sys file worked a charm.

So, is there anyone who can hex edit the usbport.sys from Windows 7 build 7000 x64? And, if possible, can someone teach/show me how to determine

the values, in the usbport.sys, so I can modify them myself (i.e. switch from 125Hz to 250 or 500 etc)?

This will be a big help for the Windows 7 x64 community (and myself :p)

I appreciate all the effort.

r2rX :D
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