Windows 10 fail - due to Win 7 drivers

Oct 22, 2009
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Have windows 7.
Went thru the sign up process in June. Also ran the update confit/checker -all green with no compatibility issues.
Last week noticed that my PC not updating. I don't recall the error code in windows update history.
So brought the PC to my nearest Microsoft store. I did leave them the error code.

Well today I got a call from them saying they could not upgrade and to call ibuypower where I bought the PC. Of course it's way out of warranty, so not sure what they (IBP) will tell me - other than a full reinstall is my only option.

I called the store. The response I was given is that certain drivers are not compatible with Win 10. When I asked for the specific driver names - she told me their tools don't identify which drivers. That does not make sense.

Plus - would not have the Windows compatibility checker tool reported a problem?

Wonder how many other PC owners can't upgrade. She also told me I won't be able to clean install.

This sounds like a fail (of Microsoft) to me.

Any thoughts and suggestions?


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