Win7 computer with 2 NICs

Oct 25, 2017
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We have 4 computers, mostly Win 7, in our work network.

This computer is connected via NIC & ethernet to an ADSL modem for internet.

This computer has a second NIC. Attached to it is WIFI modem, Netgear WNDR3800. We have 20+ (Android) tablets that we want to communicate via this modem, to a program on this computer. Don't want them to have internet access.

The problem is this: the program running on this computer that arranges communication with the tablets always directs them to connect to the ethernet NIC. Can't do because no wifi. Doh.

We can get round this by disconnecting the ethernet NIC, but that means no internet access for other tasks.

Replugging the ethernet cable, kills the internet. Why?

We have tried reordering "adapters & bindings" Doesn't work

Any ideas?


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