Win7 64bit boot issues

Aug 31, 2015
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Hello all, Firstly i apolagise if this thread is in the wrong location.

I have a win7 64bit system single boot system. The PC startup hangs, displaying an underscore in the middle of the screen just before the initial windows 'flashy' logo pops up.

I used my motherboards boot over-ride option and selected the HDD with Win7 installed, Nothing happened. So i instead repeated the same procedure as above but ran from the Win7 Install Disk instead.

The Win7 Install (Loading Files) ran correctly and displayed the standard Win7 Install options, I was unable to run a repair (Incompatible?), I wasnt prepared to delete my files so i did not continue the installation by deleting a partition.

Instead i held on to that slim strand of hope that the system was just simply working and not broken and attempted to startup the PC as normal. Obviously the same Boot hang happened and entered the BIOS again. had a look over the boot options and thought i may as well try running the boot over-ride of the Win7 HDD again. Interestingly the PC booted up properly.

Unfortunatly the same boot hang happens inconsistantly but is easily remedied by running the win7 install disk until it offers the 'install now' button. I have tried creating a Win7 repair disk from inside Win7 but it does not allow me to progress into the repair options. and i have also run a Virus Check (using Win7 Security Essentials). 1 Virus was found. Exploit:Java/CVE-2012-0507 which downloads other items to the omputer such as malware.. I have not as of yet run a malware tool (Can anyone suggest a goof free one i should use).

Obviously i would prefer not to reinstall the entirety of windows but i am still holding that as a last resort. If anyone has any suggestions i could follow up on to fix this i would be grateful.

- CJ

UPDATE 1: I am currently a scan with running MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. I will post back with any mew information.

UPDATE 2: Nothing was found during Malwar scan.
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