Win 7 quit networking with my XP's

Jul 5, 2010
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Have a home network consisting of 2 XP hardwired, 1 wireless, 1Vista hardwired. In November 2009 I added a Wireless Win 7 32-bit. Integrated the Win 7 into the network, and was able to map to a USB backup drive on one of the XP's as well as a printer on another.

Sometime after 6/16/10. Win 7 can no longer see the other PC's and they cannot see the win 7. If I do a systems restore to 6/16/10 on Win 7 machine, it works again until, the windows updates KB958488, KB979900, KB 980846, and KB982519.

Any ideas on how to get Win 7 to play nicely on my network.

Oh! Also, using McAfee on all pc's and have been since AT&T swithched security providers a couple years ago.


Feb 27, 2010
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I had some issues connecting to my "home" network as well when I changed my OS from XP (32bit) to 7Pro (64 bit).
I had no luck with a HOME or WORK network, but PUBLIC works fine.
There are 2 other PC's in my home both running XP. One is a desktop that is wired to the router and the other is a laptop that is wireless. My PC see's both of them as well as the router and can share files as well as my Epson USB printer plugged into my pc, (regardless of MS' updates).
Change your network type to public and enable all options that show up below it in the network properties. Hope that works, thats how mine is setup.

Oh, and pardon my manners, Welcome to the forum!
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