Why does my SHOW DESKTOP icon keep disappearing whenver I open my taskbar file folder?


Apr 26, 2018
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My hard drive recently failed and I had to get a new one. That meant starting from scratch with a fresh installation of Windows 7.

I used notes I made from when I first got Windows 7 on how to create a SHOW DESKTOP icon and pin it to the bottom left of taskbar. I also created a shortcut for my D:\ drive folder which I access often. I pinned this folder to the task bar, too. However, whenever I launch this folder it opens on the very left of the task bar on top of my SHOW DESKOP icon which disappears. I recall having this problem when I first got Windows 7, but I can’t recall how I solved it, and it appears I didn’t make notes on that.

Even when I don’t pin my D:\ drive folder to the taskbar and access it from my desktop, the SHOW DESKTOP icon disppears from the taskbar whenever I launch the shortcut to my D drive.
Can anyone tell me how I can stop this from happening?

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