recycle bin doesn't show deleted files

Jan 9, 2012
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I have started using my laptop, because I've sent my desktop to HP for repair.

I connected a WD My Book 3T hard drive so I could access some files. I didn't notice anything till I started changing icons in Rocketdock. I usually keep the Recycle Bin there and un-check the desktop icon in "Change Desktop Icons". Well, I changed some, and later I noticed the recycle bin on the desktop was full while the recycle bin in Rocketdock was empty, and I'm quite sure I had the icons entered the right way, the empty for empty and full for full. Neither worked correctly.

After, trying some internet advice for deleting the $Recycle.Bin folder and the elevated command prompt about typing in rd /s /q Z:\$Recycle.bin which didn't work, I tried a system restore back to July 2, which is before I had to send off the desktop HP, it didn't work.

The last thing I did was shut down the computer and disconnected the WD hard drive. That fixed it, but when I connected the hard drive back, it's wrong again, same problem.

What is it about this hard drive that could be causing the problem? I have a few Cobian Backup folders on it, which are the biggest part of it. I also put my complete 320 GB WD My Passport "stuff" on it so I could use it for videos only. Those two make up the bulk, around 80%, of the about 1T of used space. I was using the Cobian Backup folders to add some things to the Rocketdock for easy access.

To summarize, I can delete files to the Recycle Bin on the desktop and it shows a full bin, but when I open the Recycle Bin it's empty, no files at all. It displays the Recycle Bin commands, Empty, Restore and they function, by asking "are you sure". If I click "yes" to delete this empty folder it obeys and the bin icon shows itself empty. If there are actually no files to delete the Empty, Restore commands do not show when the folder is opened.

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