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Mar 14, 2013
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Hi there. My lad was offered a grant towards a laptop and so bought an Acer Extensa 5235.
He has had this for 2 years now but unfortunately it has come up with the blue screen of death and I don't have the Windows 7 Pro Academic OA install disc. There is a label on the bottom of the laptop but it doesn't appear to have a long licence no. like the COA of an XP system. I have been in touch with Acer about obtaining a disc but they just don't want to know.
Any help here guys would be much appreciated.




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May 10, 2010
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Is it possible to boot the machine at all? Have you tried safe mode?

If you can get in in safe mode then see if maybe it is a virus. Follow the virus scan instructions HERE.

If you do get in, even for a short time, install SIW and read the Windows product key right from the hard drive (open SIW and go to Software > Licenses).

Using another computer and a blank DVD you can burn W7 Professional (with software like IMGBurn) using the download links HERE, be sure to get 32-bit or 64-bit to match what is on your sons computer.

Now boot the laptop to the DVD (the DVD must be set up as first in the BIOS boot order) and when the W7 Pro gets to the W7 installation screen there should be an option in the bottom corner for "system repair". Try that.

If you were able to get the product key and you created a W7 DVD then if virus removal nor system repair fix the machine then you can try a reinstall.

Unfortunately, if you cannot get in at all and you do not have the 25-character product key written down then you will need to buy a new license.

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