Strange Problem With 7

Apr 16, 2018
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I have been using Win7 since it's release & now I have a problem that started a few weeks ago, the first sign was when logging in, after entering my password I got a message " couldn't load user profile" or something like that, re-entered password, desktop loaded but noticed that on the taskbar the sound, battery & internet icons were in the wrong order, then the next thing I noticed was that when I tried to open a .cfg file (which normally opens with notepad) I got the "choose a program to open with" dialogue box & I can't dedicate a program to open the .cfg file with the "Always use this selected,program to open this kind of file" is already checked when it pops up. I don't know whether anything else is effected.

Anyway I did a system restore & everything appeared to be OK until the next boot, the problem was back, so I had to do a system restore after every boot until I installed the latest Windows updates last Tuesday then it appeared that the problem had been resolved until yesterday it appeared again, I have scanned with my anti-virus (Microsoft Security Essentials), Malwarebytes & the latest Microsoft Malware Removal Tool. I have also done sfc_scannow. I haven't installed any new software prior to this issue.

I hope someone can give me some advice on how to fix this.

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