Upgrading from 32bit to 64bit Win7

Sep 21, 2010
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Hello, I am a new member (if that's relevant)

I will be upgrading my hardware soon to an Intel i7 950 with 6GB of RAM and I am currently running an old horrible Intel pentium with 2GB. I currently have Win7 32bit however as I will be getting 6GB RAM I want to take full advantage of this (and the nice new CPU) and i think I'll have to install Win7 64bit however, because I have things like iTunes (with iPhone backups and whatnot :p) and Outlook and stuff I was wondering whether anyone knew of a way to carry these types of things over? Too 64bit as there is no upgrade option from 32 to 64bit.

I don't want to have to take the individual song files over because then i lose ratings, play counts and some info but this may be my only option. And i don't want to lose my calendars because they're synced with my iPhone and I lost my calendars earlier in the year (not fun). I know I could try copying them from my iPhone into a fresh install of Outlook, but that's how I lost them the last time. And I know I cannot save the calendar files onto a HDD or something because then iTunes doesn't find them (strangely ... but that's an Apple fail :lol: not Microsoft).

Anyway I hope someone has some advice for me maybe from previous experience? Otherwise I think I'll have to make a fresh OS install, this may not be a bad idea though because I have 2 HDD I can use for OS (1 of them free at the moment (Y) which is lucky) so then i can keep my current install just in case it all goes pear shape ;) which it probably would knowing my luck :rolleyes:
Nov 4, 2009
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To run iTunes on 64bit you must install the 64bit version and I see no conflict with your files. Just back them up and iTunes will find them.

As for Outlook, back up your pst file. Outlook doesn't care if it's 32bit or 64bit.

And yes, you'll have to reinstall the OS to go from 32 to 64bit.


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May 10, 2010
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Type "Easy Transfer" into windows search. Then click customize & advanced.

I don't know if it will copy your ratings but I do know it will not copy the licenses.
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