TLS 1.2 may not be installed correctly

Sep 5, 2019
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MY problem with “TLS” logging in to most of my accounts. I have a Dell 17” laptop, windows7 sp1 , 64-bit, that had IE 10 as well as Chrome and Firefox. Sometime in June I Installed IE 11. I was not aware that TLS was going to replace SSL and if I had not replaced IE 10 with IE 11 before this happened I would have problems.

I sure have. I have tried editing Registry key as follow:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANEL\Protocals, then right click on Protocols then select New then Key then rename New key #1 to TLS 1.2 the R-click on TLS 1.2 then r-click on New name #1 to Client then r-click on Client select New then DWord (32-bit ) Value then rename New Value #1 to DisabledByDefault and reboot.

That didn’t fix the problem and I then questioned the use of 32b-bit instead of QWORD (64-bit) Value. I am not sure I did it right because value displayed appears to be the same the same as for the 32-bit.

I can get into some accounts by clicking on the retry button after I get a message page cannot be displayed. Interesting in Fire Fox I get little messages in bottom left of screen that handshakes with TLS are being attempted.

Can someone Help me fix this?


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