Strange W7 Pro Virtual XP Problem generates printer (non) jobs


Art Todesco

I have been using an older graphics program under Virtual XP. It works
very well for the most part. However, sometimes when I exit the program
and Virtual XP, I find a print icon on the W7 bar, lower right side, for
my printer. The printer is a wireless printer connected to the DSL
wireless router. BTW, this W7 computer is hard wired to the router.
If I open this printer icon, it shows more than one entry with the name
"Remote Desktop Redirected Printer Doc". I never printed anything ... I
just saved the results. The number of entries seems to be related to
the length of time the graphics program was open. As far as I know,
there is no auto save enabled, nor do I think it even exists. If I
restart one of the jobs, nothing happens. If I cancel it, it goes away
immediately, which is strange, because usually when I cancel a printer
job, it doesn't want to ever go away. Well, maybe after some time or a
Any ideas?

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