Strange posting problem


Tony Yarwood

Hi guys

Got an odd one here, hope somebody more knowledgeable can help.

I've got a couple of machines running Win7 running behind a VPN
connection and I'm trying to post email through my gmail account.

My VPN provider has gmail whitelisted and provided me an IP number for

On one machine it's working perfectly, but one the other one it
doesn't, it just comes up with 'can't connect to server'.

I've tried clearing the dns cache, compared what services I've
allowed, the machines are next to each other so I've tried lots of
things to make them similar but still no joy on the one.

It works OK as soon as I disconnect from the VPN server! It sorta
looks like a Windows setting. I'm using Tbird

Best regards


Google ain't your friend.
More privacy, no tracking.

PS. Due to the amount of spam posted via googlegroups , I block all
articles posted from there.

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