Strange screensaver problem. Need to fix it!

Sep 20, 2015
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Hi! Very frustrated new forum user here... :mad:

I've done a fairly cursory search through the forum, and haven't seen my specific issue mentioned, so here goes.

I have Win7 and the screensaver is acting weird.

Before anyone asks, I've checked all the settings regarding the amount of time before the screensaver comes on, before the computer goes to sleep, and that sort of thing. None of them have anything to do with this issue.

The screensaver won't come on by itself, unless it's from a cold start up, or if I reboot. That means to me that something is running that is preventing it from starting.

I have found that the screensaver continues to run in the background. (By checking the Windows Task Manager and seeing all the running processes.)

If I go into the Task Manager and "end process" on the screensaver program, it will then come on by itself after the set time.

The problem is this: What do I have to do to make the screensaver stop running when the computer comes back up after being idle long enough to turn the screensaver on?


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