Software problems on Triple Channel Memory systems.

Jan 12, 2015
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Has anyone had any problems with running software on systems equipped with Triple Channel memory ?

I currently have a program that will not install on my main PC running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with an Intel i7 960 CPU (Bloomfield Core) with Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard and 6 Gbyte of triple Channel Memory. The installer fails within a few seconds of starting with what appears to be an attempt to execute non-executable address.

It will install OK on my Laptop running Windows 7 Home 64bit with an Intel i5 CPU and 4 Gbyte of dual channel RAM.

I have had a similar problem with another program that would not run on my main machine (it failed when attempting to load images saved by itself), but would run OK on the laptop.

The software supplier could offer no help on this issue, but when later version of the program was installed when it became available the problem was cured.

This leads me to assume that the original program was incompatible with system running Triple Channel memory.

Has anyone else had similar experiences ?

Is so, was a cure found ?

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