slow network mapping

Feb 13, 2010
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Network : Windows 2003 small business
Switches: netgear g2724t
Windows 7, i5, 1000mb nic, 8gb ram, all service packs, nic has most up to date driver
The problem is on two different new computers. One is a Lenovo, the other is an Asus build. The Asus H61m was tried with its mother board nic and an Intel gigabyte ct desktop nic. There are two mapped drives to the server. The login is fine and internet seems fine. But if you use an application or Windows Explorer to look at the mapped network driver, it almost stops, a green line across the top of explorer and after 5 to 10 seconds returns with the next set of folders. Click on them and wait again. There are 30 other computers on this network, a combination of XP and Windows 7, none of which do this. If I disable and reenable the nic or if I go into the advanced settings and change auto negotiate to 1000mb or 100 mb, the network connection “resets” and then everything is fine. Stays fine until you down the station or do a restart and then it’s slow again. I’ve taken the computers to the server room and plugged directly into the switchs (I have three) and get the same reaction. I’ve disabled antivirus, and firewall. I’ve mapped the drives as an IP address instead of the server name. I’ve mapped to a Samba server too and when I start it says network drive not available, but if I click on it, it immediately is available and at full speed.
Anything else I can try?

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