Power Outage Caused Slow Pc And Net But No Net

Aug 4, 2017
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I would like to first mention I didn't look for the case I have in my lap unless you count google. I've seen so many cases like mine on google but nothing quite like mine. So here we go and I'm sorry or thanks in advance.

Let me preface this by saying I was not home when the power went out and of all the times the power went out this is the first episode where things got weird after I reset the breaker switch. I have a surge protector but maybe it's gone bad and took a bit of my PC with it.

I'm not the smartest when it comes to computers or in general. I had a computer buddy (who I can't contact because I lost his number) who built this rig. I asked for a parts list but I'm sure I threw it out unintentionally.

It was built in 2012 and made it up until a few days ago when there were no storm systems in the area, I was weeding a garden after work and came home to what follows.

When I came home everything was off except the oven clock. I leave my PC on most days and I know that's silly. Reset breaker and fire up the ol rig. It must have goofed my router up slowly because I still had wireless to netbook (what I'm using this moment) and phone. A buddy came over and he stopped getting wireless then a day later myself. My PC is ethernet and saying that I did a hard reset on the router and wireless is fine.

Called the ISP and asked about the whole deal and they say it's fine on their end and it must be if my wireless devices can net.
After a long night with a computer tech friend we got nowhere. I'd tell you what we ran but again, not smart here. There were a few things in prompt we tried but made no progress (before the router reset).

After the router reset I thought all I was going to need was a ethernet card and it's installed now and if you click on the bottom right bit it says I am connected to my net. No pages load. Any program that has to do with the net won't run. Also no task manager and on a few random places "right click>properties won't work. Ran a malwarebytes scan in safe mode ?w networking and normal boot up. No I can't reformat yet because I'm in the middle of a job/budget transition, and the guy who set this rig up has the disk to reformat.

Can I get a link to a decent unopened W7 disc? I do not want to get W10.

If you got this far I applaud you and you are doing a service to this site. I expect tech details will follow so going to look into that. How does one find the mobo type?


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May 10, 2010
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When you installed the new network card did you also try a new network cable between your computer & the router?

Does your computer have Wi-Fi? If so then disconnect the cable & see if sites open when using Wi-Fi.

As for a Win 7 DVD you would likely be best to download the ISO and burn your own with software like IMGBurn. The ISO is getting harder to find since Microsoft turned off their links but they are still out there. If you have a non-OEM version you can even enter your product key & still download it from Microsoft.

See the Windows 7 ISO thread >>Here<< but jump to the last page and start reading backwards for ideas because the links on the first page are no longer valid

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