seroius problems with the audio on my computer

Jul 29, 2014
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I've been having seroius problems with the audio on my computer and it feels like i have tried everything. When i plug in a device it either says no device is plugged in or that the device is disabled. There is no way for me to re enabled the device tho, i tried all that stuff with the playback options and everything its just my sound won't work. Sometimes i can get the actual audio to work, but never the microphone. I have one headset that works but the mic is broken on it. PLEASE HELP i don't want to have to pay 170$ for windows to help me fix it



^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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I moved your post to a new thread as it wasn't the same you posted under.

I think you would be making a mistake if you pay for Microsoft support because I doubt it's a Microsoft problem.

You need to start by telling us much more detail. What is the make/model of your computer? Or make/model of the motherboard if it is a custom build? Then what is the make/model of the devices you are plugging in? Are they USB devices? Or are they plugging into 1/8" stereo jacks? Is it a separate sound card or part of the motherboard? Are you using jacks on the front of a desktop PC (they have separate cabling which must be properly connected to the MOBO in order to work)?

How long have you had the computer? How long have you had these problems? Is this a new W7 installation?

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