parallel port resource problems

Dec 5, 2015
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Im running vista home 32 bit and am building a cnc miller. it needs a good old parallel port. This pci card is now fitted, but there seems to be an i/o and interrupt conflict the port wants to use Input/Output Range EE00 - EE07 but that seems to be in the same range as the nvida graphics card as shown in the image
So do i attempt to alter the i/o range or just get another card? buit that could be the same, as it seems to be almost impossible to find information of this nature in sales information Perhaps somebody could suggest a uk supplier who may have a suitable card. the cnc software (Mach 3) is trying to access the port at 0x0378h and can be set to another address, but what? noite the problem is independant of mach 3, but vista device manager says the card is working properly
Any ideas guys n gals???

thanks Graham

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