Downloading problems

Oct 13, 2015
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I`m trying to download a program update that I have paid for but only about 2/3 is downloaded before the downloading stops.
I thought it might be just this program, but when I have tried some other free download ones sometimes the same thing happens.
This occurs on both my Windows 7 new PC and my older Windows 10 laptop.
I`ve tried a Download manager but have had difficulty using it successfully.
Thanks for any help.


Oct 17, 2008
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If it's on one specific file or site, then I'd assume it's a problem at their end. However if it's a problem that occurs across multiple sites and on different PCs on the same network, then it could be a problem with an unstable internet/network connection.

Many years ago I used to use FDM ( and that was a pretty easy to use download manager. It may be worth seeing if the download will complete successfully when using that, as it should be able to resume downloads a little more easily than browser based download managers.

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