Ragnarok Issues

Mar 25, 2010
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Hi everyone, after unsuccessfully overloading google with searches on solutions to my issues, I decided to find a more direct approach. Probably the biggest thorn in my side in addressing the problems I'm having is not knowing exactly 'what' the problem is, but I believe it to be either a compatibility problem or a drivers update problem (I doubt its the latter though). Anyway, here's the description of the problem itself.

I'm trying to run Ragnarok Online (the korean official, as well as a private server) and when it tries to open, it crashes. I run Windows 7 32-bit, and I have tried multiple times with all the different compatibility settings (windows xp service pack 2-3, etc). I get the pop-up "Cannot init d3d or grf has a problem". Also, I have tried moving the folder from the program files folder to the desktop and running from there, same issue.

When I run the setup.exe, the drop-down menu where I would input my preferred screen resolution (1024 x 768, etc) is completely blank. I have checked my drivers, but there doesn't seem to be an issue with any of them as far as I can tell. Any help will be great appreciated.


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