Personalization Panel for Windows 7 Starter?

Jul 9, 2014
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After a failed Windows Update(I think that's the cause of this problem), my Windows theme went back to the default theme for Starter/Home Basic.

What I want is a personalization panel that works just like in Home Premium and above. I used to have a program that is exactly the personalization panel but ever since I opened it a few hours ago, my computer keeps saying that I need to upgrade my OS.

I have already downloaded this personalization panel patch thing made for Windows 7 Starter/Home Basic, but nothing happened after a restart. Can someone tell how to get a personalization panel that would give me a transparent taskbar and the aero peek? I can't seem to remember the program I was referring to earlier that functions exactly like the Windows panel...

Btw I already have a program that allows me to change the wallpaper...I just need my old personalization panel back to have the aero theme again...

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