Particular Domain User Could not access a website.

Jun 20, 2016
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We have a small organisation with 50+ users. A domain has been created and the domain users can access an internal web application with their Digital Key. The Web app works only on IE 9. The admin user(of the web app) can access the Web app without the digital key(with username and password). The issue we are facing is, a particular domain user in a particular PC could not access the web app with admin user account(without digital key).
The same domain user can access the web app as the admin user in other PCs and some other users can access the app with admin account in the same PC.

User A cannot access the App in the PC P1
User B can access the App in the PC P1
User A can access the App in the PC P2
All the above accesses are by Admin user (without digital key)

IE9 displays "Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage" error.

Things I did to resolve the issue,
1. Recreated the Domain user account.
2. Reset the IE.
But no luck.

Please help on this, friends! Thanks in Advance.

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