cannot exit full screen on a particular page

Jul 24, 2010
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cannot exit full screen on a particular page
I am using Windows 7 and IE8.

I have two user name accounts set up on my laptop. When I click on this one particular link--inside the company website that I work for--the page opens full screen when I am logged on under one user name but not on the other user name. I have tried hitting Esc, F11, etc. and nothing will let me exit fullscreen. I can hit Alt + space bar or Alt + F4 and get a menu but size is grayed out. I can use the menu to minimize to get out of the application but under this one particular user name I can't get the address bar or the - [] + toolbar to show. I have noticed that at the end of the address--under the user name that I can see the address bar--the address ends with a BHO ending.

Would the reason this one page acts this way is somehow the page size/llscreen is stored in something like temp files or history somewhere?

Would anyone know of any tips or tricks that I can use to make a change so this page will not load fullscreen?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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