SOLVED How to open Windows Explorer to a particular folder on "My computer"

Apr 6, 2012
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[FONT=&quot]When I click on "Computer" on the desktop, Windows Explorer opens. I would like one particular 5th degree sub-folder to be opened automatically, so that I don't have to click my way through to it every time. I can create a shortcut for that particular folder, but when I click on the particular shortcut, I am being taken in Windows Explorer *not* to Computer/G:/Subfolder/Subfolder..., but to the corresponding subfolder in "MyName" outside the "Computer" folder. The MyName folder has two dozen software-related folders (and such items as "My Music") that more than fill my screen and cannot be hidden.

I.e., I want the appearance of Windows Explorer to not be cluttered with all these Windows-imposed folders; I want the clutter to be reduced to the absolutely unavoidable one dozen main folders, and when I open Windows Explorer I want it to expand *in the "Computer" folder* to my 5th degree subfolder [ex-post addition for clarification: at [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Computer/G:/Subfolder/Subfolder[/FONT][FONT=&quot]...]. Leave the separate "MyName" folder closed [ex-post addition: the "MyName" folder with the two dozen software-related cluttered subfolders in Windows Explorer appears separately from the Computer/G:/Subfolder/Subfolder...] . I am not able to get Windows Explorer to do this.

Ex-post addition: Below is what Windows Explorer looks like when I click on the shortcut on my desktop to a specific 5th degree subfolder. [A] is where the shortcut goes but I don't want it to go there, is where I *created* the shortcut and where it does *not* go.

Favorites + 3 subfolders, always open
MyName *** I would like the shortcut to leave this folder closed, i.e., don't open the subfolders ***
Two dozen first-degree subfolders all open, clutter, clutter, clutter -- *** don't like this ***
5th degree subfolder that I have created a shortcut to, open (including 4th, 3rd, 2nd degree subfolders in this case) [A]
G: -- *** G is where my files are actually located, including this 5th degree subfolder that I want the shortcut to go to but where it doesn't go ***
Control Panel
Recycle Bin

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Jul 20, 2009
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A member may have a way through that path. But I do it through the Windows EXplorer itself. In my example, I am the Administrator (user), and I wish to go to the temp file under that user.
Right click "Windows Explorer" and select properties. In the "Target" box, insert this. C:\Windows\explorer.exe C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp
You can create various other shortcuts to other preferred folders, with new instances of Windows explorer and the creation of shortcuts to those
I think this is what you mean - hope it helps.


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Apr 7, 2010
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I am not able to get Windows Explorer to do this.
I think that is because you are trying to use Windows Explorer in a way it was not designed to be used. Windows Explorer is designed to allow you to navigate to all your folders.

Note you can hide all folders.


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May 10, 2010
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I do not have a way to do exactly what you want because as Digerati said, it's not really designed to work that way so if Dave's solution of creating a shortcut which opens right to the folder does not do what you were hoping for then you might consider these things...

First off, there is almost nothing you can't do from under libraries, so if all your data is on G: then you can either ADD those folders under libraries (so that you have both the defaults on C: plus your G: ) or you can even Move the library pointers so that G: IS where it stores My Documents, My Videos, etc. If you do this then you will find that you almost never need to go past the Libraries section to find any of your data.

Second, you can remove sections from Windows Explorer. You mentioned you don't like "My Name" opening up. I have personally completely deleted that section. I also deleted Favorites because I only use those inside a browser and I deleted Homegroup.

Now as to how to go about these changes here are some links...

For example if you want to add a completely new Library under the Libraries check out this tutorial for adding "Downloads" to libraries. Note that it could just as easily be pointed to your G: drive.

For Adding or Moving a Library pointer under My documents, My Videos, etc see my post HERE

For instructions on how to completely remove Favorites from Windows Explorer see HERE.

For instructions on how to remove HomeGroup from Windows Explorer see HERE.

For instructions on how to remove the User Folder section from Windows Explorer see HERE

So basically my suggestion is to understand W7 Windows Explorer is different then in windows XP and I would encourage you to try to use Libraries to do what you really need. And understand that you can remove sections that you do not need to remove some "clutter".
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