Networking Sleeps with Computer



Bob said:
You can set this to bring your PC out of sleep at a time you specify.

Wake up News Alarm Clock
No 3rd party software is required. Just defined any event in the
Windows Task Scheduler to run and enable the option to wake up the
computer so that task will run. The task could be something as simple
as a batch file (.bat) that does nothing but have comment lines inside
of it: the computer is awakened, the console window will open to run the
batch file, the batch file full of comments gets ran, the batch file
exits, the console window closes, and your computer is awake again until
the power policy tells it to power down again.

Of course, powering off the monitor and spinning down the hard disks
probably constitute the major power saving for when you are away from
your computer. Power policy also lets you dictate the duty-cycle for
the CPU to throttle it down. No 3rd party software required as this is
part of the power policy that you can create or edit. You don't have to
use a system-wide low-power mode to save on energy. Just take out the
major components. Even if you don't throttle the CPU, it won't be doing
much when you're away (unless you start a job to run when you are gone
but then you obviously don't want the computer to go into sleep mode so
that job will complete).

You can use programs like Process Lasso which has an anti-sleep feature
to keep the computer from going into a low-power mode if it detects a
particular process is loaded. Rather than trying to wake up your
computer at some preset time, your computer is kept awake whenever this
process happens to exist (like OE's msimn.exe process).

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