My Windows 7 story (my god kill me)

Aug 14, 2016
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So This story begins in 9th grade when me and my friends (and all the other bitches) were in history class. Our new teacher, (because our old teacher left... that's a story for another forum) This new teacher... let's call him robert, used a lot of computers, cause Where I go to school at, we gots le laptops. (also he said he knows A LOT about computers.. remember this) But anywho, This one day the class get's informed by robert that we will be watching a video.. BUT NOT JUST ANY VIDEO... welp actually it is just like and video... just on a disk and not pirated off of youtube. now this video was a borin history film so we didn't care. (also side note, we have macbooks and so do the teacher's, but when we watch videos/movies, they use the huge black windows 7 OP thingy) So as me and my friends discuss new names to call people like frog face or potty sluts (we are mature yes) the teacher sets up the disk thingy. Now we can see what he is doing because he used a projector.. like most teachers.. -_-.... But anywho when he put the disk in the windows media player thing popped up.. but not the software, but the box that ask you to use recommended settings or custom settings.... and this is where all hell breaks loose. So robert, Our teacher that knows everything about computers. gets confused as to what to do....................... my god kill me. He thought if he accepted recommended settings. it was going to show him a long 10-15 minute tutorial (remember this too) and idk what he thought about custom settings he just didn't like the way it looked. So I'm just sitting there and after about 10 mins I realize what's going on and start to go fucking crazy... welp at least in my head. The teacher was in a panic attack trying to figure out what to do. when all he had to do was CLICK FINISH. BUUT NOOOOOOOOOO he stood there staring at the screen for 17 MINUTES STRAIGHT trying to figure out what to do. then he gets this one bitchy student to try to figure out what to do and SHE JUST STARES AT IT FOR ANOTHER 14 MINUTES. now what Am I doing about this? I am screaming out "CLICK RECOMMENDED SETTINGS" no one heard me. so as soon as I get ready to RUN to the teacher and scream 'RECOMMENDED SETTINGS" in his face, he leave to get a fucking tech person to try and solve this... and it's here I lost it. I was screaming in my head JUST CLICK RECOMMENDED SETTINGS. so we ended up waiting 19 minutes (btw yes I did time this stuff.. I got bored and was losing insanity) so the tech person comes in (but not the teacher he went and took a shit), and guess what? STARES AT THE FUCKING SCREEN FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES . I ended up sending a email to the teacher.. this was the email.. the thing called why.png (and noah was a friend I loved to blame stuff on :D).. but of course he does not get it until AFTER the movie starts.. oh and how did the movie start? did the tech person show he knows what the **** he is doing? NO! I DASHED TO THE FUCKING COMPUTER AND FUCKING SLAMMED MY HAND ON THE MOUSE SO I COULD CLICK FINISH........... the tech person was gone by then so only the little bitches in the class saw.... so about another 5 mins and the teacher get's done taking a shit and comes in to see the movie working... and his mouse broken... I blamed noah, he got iss and no one snitched. oh and how long did it take for the movie to start.. idk around 70 FUCKING MINUTES... we left for lunch 2 mins after the teacher came back from his epic shit


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