Mother got a laptop - Getting BSOD regularly

Jul 9, 2010
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My mother just recently got a laptop with Windows 7, for some reason she keeps getting a lot of BSOD, while I am slightly comptuer savy, I'm no where near savy enough to read dump logs or figure out how to troubleshoot a BSOD. (I know nothing about Windows 7 either)
I attached the log and a screenshot of the Motherboard model ect.
Help would be very appreciated.


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Nov 30, 2009
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Hey and welcome.

Unfortunately, all the stop errors are the same 0x124 ones.
0x124 is secret Microsoft code for "Um, this is not good."
Nah, j/k. It does reflect a hardware error however. This is the only crash dump type which can't really be analyzed. 0x124 simply does not specify the nature of the hardware error itself. It could literally be anything in the system.

That being said, in certain instances, drivers can play a cause. I can't even see all of the drivers because the crashes have happened so abruptly. Out of the ones I do see, these are them needing updates or complete removal from the system:

SiSRaid2 SiSRaid2.sys Wed Sep 24 14:19:45 2008
nfrd960  nfrd960.sys  Tue Jun 06 17:12:15 2006
iirsp    iirsp.sys    Tue Dec 13 16:48:01 2005
arc      arc.sys      Thu May 24 17:31:06 2007
djsvs    djsvs.sys    Tue Apr 11 20:20:11 2006
adpu320  adpu320.sys  Tue Feb 27 19:03:08 2007
adpahci  adpahci.sys  Tue May 01 13:29:26 2007
adp94xx  adp94xx.sys  Fri Dec 05 18:59:55 2008
iaStorV  iaStorV.sys  Wed Apr 08 12:54:58 2009
nvraid   nvraid.sys   Wed May 20 02:43:36 2009
You can Google the drivers to find out what they are and to try to determine if they are required to have Windows operate well. You can also visit the laptop manufacturer's website to obtain newer drivers for some of them, like the Raid and Storage ones.

Taking that these were 0x124 errors into account, unless you're fairly savvy, you'll probably have better luck simply updating the motherboard to the latest bios available. Then clean install Windows to the hard drive from scratch, while formatting during the process.

There is a strong chance that even doing this is not going to fix the problem, because it really may be hardware. Here is the best technical resource you could possibly find online about the particular error:

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