motherboard conflict with W7 64 bit

Apr 11, 2011
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I have an Asus P5KC motherboard and a trayless hot swap set up whereby I switch over three different hard drives. One is XP3 32 bit, the second W7 32 bit and finally the third is W7 64 bit. Everything has been working fine until yesterday when the third drive flashed up a message "power management system driver missing" and Explorer fails to work. My Asus chipset CD only supports XP and Vista so won't work with W7. Since I installed the facility to change drives I have never had to install another driver and the original support CD driver was coping fully. Now it seems not to be the case as whilst the first two drives soldier on fine the third is a nightmare. The problem started after an Avast update and someone has suggested the update has upset the ACPI..... I am not computer competent to say. I have tried a couple of System Restores but without success.
My question is, can I look for and download a driver for W7 64 bit without it upsetting the working of the other two drives?
Advice much appreciated.
A quick update....I uninstalled Avast and replaced with AVG. Also, I installed Google Chrome. Chrome seems absolutely fine but still have a problem with Internet Explorer.
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