M-Audio MobilePre USB vista drivers in W7.. 32 and 64 bit

Jul 17, 2009
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the following is from a post I did on the M-Audio forums about a driver for the 64 bit version of windows 7 for the M-Audio MobilePre USB Audio Interface... apparently no one gave a rat's ass about it on their forums, so I hope it helps someone here, and hopefully m-audio gets on the ball with their drivers..


So I have been messing around, trying to get the drivers from vista to work in Windows 7 64 bit.. The problems I experienced were ALOT of CPU usage.. like, 50-70% usage at idle in Ableton... All mobo drivers and everything else is installed and functioning correctly.. Specs are as follows:

Intel Dual-Core e2180 @ 2.99 ghz
2 gb Gskill RAM @ 1200 mhz
Foxconn M7VMX-K mobo with nvidia chipset (all current drivers installed)
Nvidia 8600gt (Newest drivers from nvidia installed, EVGA precision handling overclock)
Mobilepre USB
Windows 7 RC1 64 bit

As you can see, I was VERY surprised to see ableton putting that much load on the pc..

Here is what I did to get these drivers to work, step by step..

**NOTE: Part of this I got from another post, (THIS ONE).. I have modified the instruction herein to make this work.. It works for 64 bit, and should work for 32 bit...

1. Make sure your mobilepre is NOT plugged in..

2. Uninstall the mobilepre drivers (if you have tried to install them)

3. Download driver version

4. Right-Click the driver's installer icon, and click properties. Go to Compatibility, enable it, and set it to Windows Vista (No service pack). Click Ok.

5. Double-click the installer to start the installation (make sure you have Admin rights). The installer should finish just fine.

6. After clicking Finish, plug in your mobilepre, and follow the prompts to let the drivers install via Windows Plug & Play.

7. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound

8. You should see the mobilepre listed. It will also say 1/2 next to it. If it is not there, try unplugging and plugging the mobilepre back in, or try a different usb port. If that fails, restart PC and try again. It should show up.

9. Disable the Digital Audio Output device, by right-clicking, and clicking disable.

10. Open up your M-Audio tray icon, and set your latency.

11. Test in your favorite DAW.. :)

This is what I did.. I have tested it with Guitar Rig 3, addictive drums, ableton, and others.. I did have some popping and clicking here and there, but not too much at all.. I changed my sample rate to 48 in the m-audio tray icon, and it pretty much took care of it.. I am still testing for flaws, but I hope this helps someone...

Again, this was helped ALOT by the post listed earlier by tyr616.. Props, bruva.. haha

If you have any problems, POST THEM, and lets see if we can get this working for everyone with a mobilepre usb, instead of waiting for the w7 driver...

Side note: Most companies already have drivers out for Windows 7, such as foxconn, asus, nvidia, evga, e-mu, and many more.. The drivers for Vista CANNOT be that much different from the ones that Windows 7 will use... This should be an easy fix, that souldnt take long to supply a driver for... Yet, we are waiting... I know RnD and programming take a while, but almost every other company is pretty on the ball with new W7 drivers, and this just really hurts to have a system running the best version of windows to hit the market, and the only thing stopping me from using it exclusively, is not microsoft, but the manufacturer of my recording hardware..

I love M-Audio and your products, and I would like to continue being a customer, but drivers setbacks like this are detrimental.. There are drivers for more than half of the stuff, ALL of which is firewire, but there has been ZERO progress in usb support..

again, hopefully this will work in the meantime for those of us with mobilepre's...


Jul 17, 2009
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ps... if you run ableton, run it in vista compat mode with no service packs.. it will help performance until m-audio quits lagging...


Oct 17, 2008
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Thanks! I'm sure this will be a big help to people with the same problem :)

Welcome to the forums :ciao:
Mar 30, 2015
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Hello. I have just signed up to this forum so I can thank you for your post. I was at a total loss as to how to get my mobilepre up and running on my laptop which used to be Vista but now is Windows 7. I followed the steps you gave and its all working perfectly. A MASSIVE thanks again!!!!

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