Late Adopter - Don't Want Win 8.1 - Is My Purchase Genuine?

Mar 28, 2014
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I'm a born procrastinator. By the time I shopped MS no would longer sell me Win 7 (if if they still will, they've done a good job of hiding the possibility.) All their major authorized vendors are also out of stock, unless Amazon represented by an Amazon Seller is considered authorized.

I have an expensive sealed copy of Win 7 Pro Upgrade, SKU FQC -00130. I have an RMA to return it sealed to the vendor in Ft. Dodge, IA, a vendor with a very good BBB reference.Is it appropriate to post image of the COA (Certificate of Authenticity,) the fancy seal that carries the product number, SKU, fancy ribbon of gold and all.

It looks genuine, although I have a question about the spacing of the digits in the upper right bar code (8224....) The ends are unbroken. The image distortions are from a fold in the shrink wrap. It seems that MS may have moved the green/white arrow circle (here in the lower right) around their COAs. The text on the cardboard sleeve contains no typos I can find.

There is no color shifting ink on the COA, but this could, perhaps predate that innovation.

Can anyone think of any questions I have not asked that apply to a still sealed package?

I've read enough about activation to realize that if this is a very clever counterfeit it may be months or years before Microsoft suddenly declares it unusable.




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May 10, 2010
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You could post an image of the COA as long as it does not include the 25-digit product key, but the problem is, most fakes are pretty good and it is unlikely we could tell from the photo. Duplicate use of the key is what causes Microsoft to mark your install as "not genuine" and if you post the key anyone could try to use it. Also note, the not genuine is usually known within 2 to 4 months but even that may be too long to recover your money.

For the most part, highly ranked Amazon sellers would be "major authorized vendors". However, you didn't mention where you got the one you have; if it was off Amazon then check the vendor's rating? If you have a "bad feeling" then I suggest you return it.

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