Issues with AVG Anti-virus

Jan 11, 2014
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Virus protection is anyone experiencing issues with AVG, this is my first time use thissite, dut I have had bad ,seriosuly bad experience of th virus provider. What they put up as advertizing is seriously , false advertizing.
Is ther a nee to open a forum for reviewing virus protection provision, how is it legislated for in consumer law.



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May 10, 2010
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All anti-virus software will slow your computer somewhat, generally a few milliseconds. And no A/V software is perfect because 1000s of new viruses are released every month, which means they are only as good as their last update.

Your A/V software should be considered a backup to common sense and safe computing practices. If you constantly open suspicious email attachments, visit dangerous websites, and install all kinds of software downloaded from the web then sooner or later you are likely to get a virus no matter what A/V protection you have.

Besides a good, frequently updated Anti-virus software I also recommend regular back-ups to an external drive. And it is best if that external drive is not connected and powered up all the time; just turn it on for the backup process and then shut it down.

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