Issue with my mouse's cursor constantly flashing the loading sign

Jul 14, 2014
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Issue with my mouse's cursor constantly flashing the loading sign
Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my mouse's cursor constantly flashing the loading sign (blue circle) over and over. Its a constant flashing. It only ever stops if I mouse over something that changes the normal cursor picture.

It started happening after my computer just froze randomly while playing CS:GO. I had to manually shut down the computer and when I turned it back on that is when this problem started happening.

I've read almost every thread I could find on this issue, and nothing helps me

Ive done:
Virus scan full scan nothing should up
Malware scan some things showed up got rid of em
Sfc /scannow showed nothing wrong
Ive done a restore to previous state ( did not work)
Task manager shows nothing unordinary

Spmeone please help? Ive searched everywhere for help!


^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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This would normally indicate background "processing" and the problem is not likely the cursor itself but whatever is running in memory and hogging CPU. Have you installed any new software recently? If so start by uninstalling that. How many active anti-virus programs are installed? Multiple active A/Vs can conflict and fight for resources so uninstall extras.

If you have a W7 Installation DVD I suggest you boot to that and run a "system repair" from the installation menu. If you don't have a W7 DVD you can download the one that matches your system from the links HERE.

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