Issue after bad WU's

Mar 8, 2009
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It has just been reported on EVGA that a member had a BSOD while folding and upon restart the client downloaded a new work unit. The problem with this is the client apparently downloaded the same work unit again. This places the work unit several hours or even days old, the moment it starts.

If anyone experiences problems and appears to have started a new WU, check your starting time for the unit. Make sure the starting time corresponds with the actual starting time of the work unit.

rklapp posting - A tale of woe...
I was processing a 2684 and got a BSOD as it was compiling. I rebooted and tried a "send all" but it was lost. I started again and got another 2684 that finally uploaded to my relief. When I looked at my EOC, I couldn't see it (should be 80k points). I was pissed so I started to leave a message in the foldingforum. When I took a snip of the HFM screen, I noticed that the start time was 5 days ago. Adding 2+2 together, I realized that I didn't start a new 2684, I restarted the original 2684 with the original start time. Sure enough, EOC shows that I got the base 10k points.

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