SOLVED Internet explorer 11???

Aug 5, 2012
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I just received a Toshiba laptop that has windows 7 on it , Ultimate. It has a fresh install but when I go to certain sites (E Bay) it says does not support IE 8. Seems like I went through that some time ago with another laptopl, exactly same problem. I can't remember how I solved it, but I think I down loaded service pack 1 (which I have done to this laptop) and it was in the download if I remember right. I went to Microsoft site that gives you different versions and tried down loading it and the dialog comes up " thanks for downloading IE11" but no box ever comes up like when you are downloading that says "run-save" Sometimes when I try downloading it, it says your browser is not supported and you need to down load 11. I have downloaded all the up dates it will take. Help

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