How to Recover Files After Accidentally formatted Windows 7

Aug 6, 2012
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Accidental formatting is a sudden scenario that may take place at any time and result huge data loss situations. Usually, it starts when you use a tool to format any external drive or internal partition. You probably remember the list of all the partitions & external drive connected to your machine in the selection box and accidentally select the boot volume instead of any other drive and initiate format. Although, it is very easy to identify all the drives, but at times, the information about partition name or the drive letter is not shown properly due to which user may get confused and select a wrong drive.

Whenever your Windows partition gets format, the complete drive becomes inaccessible and even does not recognized by other windows systems. If you reinstalled the operating system to fix the issue, then also you will lose your personal files you have saved on C drive. If you are in the same situation and have accidentally formatted your Windows partition, then you might have tried a lot of tools and methods or still are looking for a better and reliable way to recover files after format. You can use Recuva to get back your lost files or Stellar Phoenix File Recovery if you’re agree to pay little amount in exchange of recovering your life long valuable files.

Most of the users misunderstood that the deleted files can never be recovered or it is very expensive. That’s nothing but it's just a myth. Usually when you format a drive or delete a single file, it only removes file pointer and mark the space free for new file storage. However, the original file still remains in the same position. Therefore, you can always recover a deleted files or formatted drive by a recovery software. Except accidental format, there are also some other different occasions, when you may end up the process by formatting your boot drive. Few of the scenarios are given below:

Let's assume that the formatted boot partition is drive C.

  • Reformatting Errors: When we talk about Windows then it include multiple file systems, such as FAT and NTFS. Each of the file system has its own pros and cons. At times, according to the requirement you need to switch your currently used file system to another version in order to perform multiple tasks. This process may lead to unintentional format of your C drive, while you were supposed to format some other drive.
  • Bad sectors: Physically damaged parts of the hard drive are called bad sectors, which usually formed due to file transfer interruptions. The operating system cannot access these bad sectors due to corruption. At times, if these corruption cases occur in your C drive, then your OS become inaccessible and you will be forced to format your C drive, which leads to result huge amount of data loss.
  • Corruption FAT Table: FAT table is responsible for file organization andproper booting of an operating system. At times, it gets corrupt due to virus attack or any external modification due to recently installed applications that makes your C drive inaccessible and you need to format it, which causes huge data loss.

An accidental formatted drive always results data loss, no matter how regularly you backup your drive, but some of the important files always lost when you have unintentionally formatted your Windows drive. Although, it should be considered as a major issue, but you could resolve it easily with the help of multiple efficient recovery tools. Here, you will get to know about one of such popular and reliable tool that can help you to recover data after formatting the C drive or boot drive.

You need to be careful while choosing a recovery program in order to recover your boot volume or other volume, else it could lead to permanent data loss.

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