how to recover rsa 4096 encrypted data

May 7, 2016
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Hello! My laptop has recently been affected by a so-called RSA 4096 virus that encrypted important data and documents in my PC. Searching on web I found information of that savage ransomware which hackers develop in order to pretend money/bitcoins or whatever from their victims. By reinstalling the OS, my PC got cleaned of the virus, but my affected data (documents, archives, executables) remained encrypted without the possibility to access them. Searching on web, again, I found only softwares from untrusting developers pretending money in their turn. So I got back trying to solve this problem by myself. In folder options, after unchecking ”Hide extensions...”, I deleted the .crypt extension after the original .docx or any original extension, but my files remained inaccessible. Is there any trusting solution to recover my files? Please help! Thanks.

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